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This war ain't going to be over between you and I

  You better concede, whoever the fuck you really are abusing this car. This war has been on and will continue until I get full victory of having the car in my possession. And Marcotte Ford can get lost for all I care. Already know my local ford dealer is willing to back me on this. If this car is seen for sale, it CAN AND WILL BE IMMEDIATELY PURCHASED BY THE FORD DEALER I WORK WITH!!!!! #SAVE1FMCU0F72HUC91915 #CURRENT1FMCU0F72HUC91915OWNERGATE And just because a good chunk of my posts are gone because of me, I am still going to hunt your ass down fast and the car will be back in my possession soon. Further more, go find another car to do that to instead of this one.

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All Photos of 1FMCU0F72HUC91915 taken. (see separate post for auction photos)