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I'm actually going to fight back against Landry

Owner's Name is Kenneth Landry, Address is 9 Heffernan Street in Leeds, Massachusetts, Phone is 413-584-9290, and how I know they are the current owner of my uncle's 2017 Ford Escape S, I can easily see it from Google Satellite View. And this post is intentionally made just in case I get kicked off craigslist again. In the meantime while I prepare my craigslist ad which by the way will now be prepared and posted sooner, rather than later like I originally said on June 30, 2021. While waiting you can look at this side view of my uncle's 2017 Ford Escape S back on September 2017 in front of Blinds to Go in Patchogue, NY, as well as all the other posts I made on here. I can and will NOT CONCEDE TO Landry's stupid actions. #current1fmcu0f72huc91915ownergate #kennethlandrygate and further more, MARCOTTE FORD SUCKS JUST LIKE LANDRY. I also will continue to cause more and more problems for this person, until this car is properly traded in or bank repossessed and auctioned off

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